"Grow Within You sprouts from the first deep look taken inside yourself, into your life and your heart. I have discovered that all the tools we need to change our lives for the better are already inside each of us. It just takes a little support and love from people we trust to help grow out from the ruts of old, limiting beliefs and into the new life blossoming right before us. Here is where we all break down the walls, shine our divine light and share our beauty with others in order to step into our lives and grow!"

~ Where to practice and GROW with Krista ~
You can join me for a 60 minute Core Flow at 5:30pm every Monday!
Yoga Garden, Inc. Battle Ground
~Want a little one on one yoga?  Are you interested in diving deeper into your life, laying the foundation to manifest your dreams?  I can come to you, and take you through the life transforming workshop, Grow Within You!  Pricing varies upon location, attendance, etc.  Simply call me at 360-931-2657 or email me at GrowWithinYou@gmail.com for more information.